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Rogaine is a brand name for the drug Minoxidil. A topical liquid used to stimulate hair follicles, it can help slow the process of balding; in some cases, it can cause the growth of new hair in the scalp area being treated. It is not a true cure for baldness since the beneficial effects of the drug are lost when treatment ends.

How to Use Rogaine

Rogaine is usually applied with an eyedropper to the crown of the scalp, the area where hair loss most often occurs. The liquid is applied twice a day, but if you apply it at night, you should wait at least an hour after your shower in order to be sure that your scalp and existing hair are completely dry prior to application. The liquid can also be applied using a rub-on applicator, or for large scalp areas, a metered-spray applicator. Apply exactly the dosage recommended.

Results from Rogaine are slow to appear. Typical users will see no improvement for at least three months. In some cases treatment may be required for up to a year before hair loss begins to stop. The medicine will not work faster or better if the recommended dosage is exceeded, nor will applying it more than twice a day speed up the process of stimulating the hair follicles. Those who elect to use this drug should understand from the start that it is a long-term treatment.

Care should be taken when applying Rogaine to be sure it does not come into contact with any skin other than the intended scalp area as this may lead to unwanted hair growth. It should also not be applied during times when your scalp is sunburned or otherwise irritated. Since this medication can cause users to become sensitive to sunlight, avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight when possible and take appropriate precautions such as using sunscreen and wearing a hat.

Side Effects from Rogaine Usage

Rogaine may cause itchiness, flaking, or dryness of the scalp. In most cases these side effects are temporary. If in your case they are severe or long-lasting, you should consult your physician.

In rare cases, users may experience serious side effects such as chest pains, lightheadedness, swelling in the feet, hands, or abdomen, or difficulty breathing. Call your physician immediately if you have any of these problems while undergoing hair loss treatment.

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